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The Edinburgh Remakery

Free Tech Disposal for Businesses

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Edinburgh & the Lothians


The Edinburgh Remakery provide a free and environmentally friendly way for businesses and organisation across the UK to pass on their old electronic equipment for reuse.

As an environmental social enterprise with a mission to reduce waste and support their communities, the Edinburgh Remakery aim to repair and refurbish as many of the devices they are given as possible. Where devices cannot be successfully refurbished, for example if they are too old or damaged, they are taken apart and their component parts used to repair other items or go on to be responsibly recycled. This ensures as little as possible goes to waste.

A portion of all the devices that can be repaired are also put towards their Tech Gifting Project, and given for free to disadvantaged families and individuals in order to alleviate digital poverty and social isolation across Scotland.

A simple, positive and cost-effective way to support your businesses CSR and environmental goals.

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“The Edinburgh Remakery and the University of Edinburgh began working together in 2015. Throughout this partnership, more than 4,500 electronic items have been diverted from waste, and approximately 80% of these have been successfully repaired and given a new life. A cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and socially beneficial means for our old IT equipment to be reused.” - Michelle Brown, Head of Social Responsibility & Sustainability, University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Remakery is a multi-award-winning environmental Social Enterprise with a mission to put an end to waste by providing people and communities with the skills and opportunities to live more sustainably.

Through their Tech Donation Box project and Free Tech Disposal Service for Businesses, they are able to help businesses and members of the community pass on their old electronics for repair and reuse, in order to reduce e-waste and the associated pollution this causes.

Through their creative, sustainable Workshops they are able to share and teach empowering skills around repairing, reusing, and reimagining household items, encouraging waste-free living through accessible and fun learning opportunities.

Their Tech Gifting Project supports marginalised communities who are suffering from social isolation and digital poverty, giving them the tools they need to improve their lives and overcome social inequalities.

Their free Community Clubs provide a safe and welcoming space where people can come together and regain a sense of connection, building confidence and resilience, and improving mental wellbeing and self-esteem.

Their free Weekly Repair Café empowers individuals by giving them the confidence and skills to repair and reuse their belongings.

The Edinburgh Remakery

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