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The Apprentice Store

Cyber Security

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The Apprentice Store cares about security and operate all their services to the Cyber Essentials standard even when the client has not achieved the standard.

Cyber Security is built into the core of their service offerings and they are able to guide businesses through implementing security protection within their business and align that to Cyber Essentials as good practice. They can assist clients in achieving Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus standard along with being able to offer a Managed Cyber Essentials service to continually monitor your IT services against the standard to report on compliance monthly.

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The Apprentice Store exists for the social purpose of :

  • Creating sustainable employment for young people who have barriers to employment.
  • Creating the opportunity for small and fragile communities to be sustainable by creating employment in remote areas.
  • Allowing small businesses to engage with apprenticeships when their need is neither full time nor long term.

The Apprentice Store are a company limited by guarantee which means that they have no shareholders and so all profits go into creating employment opportunities. They believe in young people and what they can achieve so they engage heavily with national programmes that help young people into employment which is why they have made the Young Person’s Guarantee and have been awarded Investors In Young Person Gold accreditation.

The Apprentice Store create employment in the IT sector by offering quality outsourced services to their clients which in turn creates the demand for employment and makes that employment sustainable as the positions are not dependent upon grant income.

The Apprentice Store team

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