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Creative Strathaven

Spirulina Face Mask

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Spirulina is a naturally occurring blue/green algae which contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins and can help detox the skin, fight free radicals and also contains anti bacterial properties which can help fight acne prone skin.

This mask also contains Organic Lemongrass essential oil which gives a lovely uplifting scent to the mask and helps encourage good skin tone and a glowing complexion.

This mask is suitable for adults only. Not suitable to use during pregnancy.

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Creative Strathaven is a community arts organisation for artists and makers living in Strathaven and the surrounding area. Founded in 2017 by Mhairi Anderson, we aim to encourage and improve access to arts and creative activities by bringing such opportunities to the town.

As a CIC, we are constantly coming up with new ideas and planning our next event in order to bring even more creative opportunities to the town. We're committed to bringing creativity to the community and are excited to grow and become a bigger part of it.

Creative Strathaven

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