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Edinburgh & the Lothians


Looking for the perfect sustainable gift for the eco-warrior in your life?

The S'wheat bottle is an award-winning, reusable bottle made from plants, which is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. It has been designed to be durable, versatile, lightweight, BPA-free and easy to clean.

The team at S'wheat is on a mission to protect the oceans from plastic pollution, which is why with every bottle sold they take 20lbs of plastics out of our seas, plant and tree with every sale and donate a percentage of their profits to protect wildlife.

The S'wheat bottle comes in a range of colours and has 550ml capacity.

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At S'wheat their core mission is to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. That’s why for every S’wheat bottle sold: they take plastics out of our oceans, plant a tree with every sale, and donate a % of profits to protect our sea life. Through their sweet and sustainable products they aim to redefine the future.

After years of researching, planning, and adapting, founders Jake and Amee crafted a revolutionary new plant-based material. The outcome? A completely new range of reusable products inspired by nature and its raw materials. It’s just the world’s most eco-friendly bottle. No nonsense, just natural, practical and great for the planet. It’s that simple.

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