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True Origin

Hot Sauce Quattro Gift Set

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Glasgow & Clyde


This gift set includes three of our favourite Ukuva sauces, as well as a brand new and exclusive Mamba Sauce!

1x Ukuva Fire Sauce (240ml)

1x Ukuva Peri Peri Sauce (240ml)

1x Ukuva Gold Sauce (240ml)

1x Ukuva Mamba Sauce (240ml)

True Origin Foods works directly with a network of smallholder farmers and producers in the global south to source the finest ethical foods.

As a WFTO Guaranteed Member, True Origin Foods adheres to fair trade principles. We believe this is the fairest way to do business and as a social enterprise based in the West of Scotland, we also apply these principles across our UK operations, creating employment here and striving to reduce our environmental impact.

Our purchases of fine foods help farmers and producer communities receive a fair and reliable income, enabling them to buy equipment, education, infrastructure and take care of their environment.

Just Trading Malawi Women Farmers

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