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Silver Stag of Scotland

Hedgehog with Snuggle Bag

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Glasgow & Clyde


This plush cuddly Hedgehog soft toy from Silver Stag of Scotland comes with its own snuggle sack. The STAND tartan snuggle sack is designed to protect any real Hedgehogs that you might find this winter.

If you find a Hedgehog that has been disturbed during hibernation you can pick them up in the snuggle bag and return it to their nest safely. If their nest is damaged you can put the Hedgehog in the safe part of the garden and cover them with leaves and bedding making sure that the Hedgehog has a way out from under the leaves

Beautifully crafted and realistically detailed Hedgehog soft toy with bag. The stuffing of this Hedgehog is made from plastic of one recycled bottle, making it an eco-friendly little critter.

For more information and to purchase, please click the 'Purchase on website' button above.

Silver Stag trades to support a charity, Stand International, which supports and empowers those with fewer opportunities than here in Scotland including those in need in Belarus, Ukraine, Romania and Ghana. The STAND tartan has been designed exclusively using colours that represent each of these countries.

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