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Hey Girls

Full Cycle Reusable Period Kit

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Edinburgh & the Lothians


Reusable pads in different sizes for each stage of your period, conveniently packed in a zero waste eco bag for when you’re out and about. This kit is a great introduction to your reusable collection and will suit any flow.

Hey Girls pads are made from sustainably sourced bamboo fabric with two absorbent layers. Wings with poppers secure pads in place around your underwear giving you a secure leak free period.

Includes 1 x reusable panty liner, 2 x reusable day pads, 2 x reusable night pads in an eco bag

For more information and to purchase, please click the ‘Purchase on website’ button above.

Period poverty in the UK is very real. Girls in the UK miss school because they can’t afford period products and during the coronavirus lockdown the number of women and girls experiencing period poverty rose sharply. Hey Girls is a social enterprise on a mission to tackle period poverty through their ‘buy one give one’ sanitary products – for every pack you buy Hey Girls gives one to a girl or woman in need.

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