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The Corporate Challenge

Build social value through procurement

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What is the Corporate Challenge?

The Buy Social Scotland Corporate Challenge brings together a group of high-profile businesses who are all looking to incorporate more social enterprise organisations into their supply chains.

It builds on the work of our friends at SEUK with a simple and bold idea: if businesses need to spend money on products and services, why not spend it with local social enterprise organisations that deliver positive social and environmental change and reinvest their profits into supporting Scottish communities?

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The Corporate Challenge has several key aims:

• To onboard corporate partners who commit to considering social enterprise suppliers across Scotland as part of their supply chain, promoting opportunities with them and highlighting case studies and best practice.

• To gather insightful feedback and information to aid future procurement and social enterprise development working to support social procurement for both buyers and suppliers in Scotland.

• To develop resources for procurement buyers and social enterprise organisations selling B2B services and products including signposting and support, research insights and a free online directory.

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Why you should get involved:

The Deloitte Millennials Survey 2020 points to key changing attitudes that will shape the future of business. Growing interest in environmental and social impact by investors, staff and consumers means that companies that do business in a way that takes into account ethical, local, and social concerns will be more attractive and find it easier to recruit talent, convince customers, and attract investors.

The Buy Social Scotland Corporate Challenge, backed by the Scottish Government, recognises the huge role supply chains can play in driving positive change. It aims to make it easier for corporate businesses, the public sector and SMEs to engage with a range of social enterprise suppliers and to embed corporate responsibility and diversity into their core operations, while helping social enterprise organisations to grow their revenues and in turn, the positive social and environmental impact they deliver in communities.

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