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The Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide Buy Social Scotland

Climate change and the race to net zero to roll back the effects of global warming are on everyone's mind this early November as world leaders, government officials, scientists and activists gather in Glasgow for the COP26 conference.

If you’re worried about the impact of your Christmas shopping on the environment and are keen to find local, ethical and sustainable gifts this festive season, take a look at our helpful gift guide of eco-friendly gifts, there's something for every taste and every budget.

What's more, because these gifts are from social enterprises, you know that each pound spent will be reinvested for social and environmental impact and make a positive difference in communities across Scotland.

For Green Enthusiasts

Are you looking for a gift for a recent convert to a more sustainable lifestyle? We’ve got you covered with these green essentials for eco-friendly beginners:

1 For Green Enthusiasts Sustainable Christmas Gifts Buy Social Scotland

For Zero-Waste Foodies

Focusing on cutting down waste in the kitchen is a great way to become more sustainable. Here are some gift ideas for the zero-waste aficionado in your life who is also a foodie:

2 Zero Waste Foodies Sustainable Christmas Gifts Buy Social Scotland

For some Green Pampering

What's better than knowing your beauty essentials are also doing their part to protect the planet? Cut down on plastic waste in the bathroom with these gift ideas:

3 Green Pampering Sustainable Christmas Gifts Buy Social Scotland

For Sustainable Homes

Are you looking for a gift for the interior design lover in your life? Homewares from recycled materials and eco-friendly gardening presents will fit the bill for a sustainable home and garden.

4 Sustainable Homes Sustainable Christmas Gifts Buy Social Scotland

For Eco-friendly Fashionistas

One can be stylish while minimising the impact of their shopping on the planet. Buying second-hand, creating your own accessories or picking recycled fabrics is a great way to have a sustainable yet fashionable wardrobe.

5 Eco Fashionistas Sustainable Christmas Gifts Buy Social Scotland

For Upcycling Creatives

Looking for a gift for the creatively-minded in your life? Offering an experience such as learning a new hobby or skill could be a great way to make a sustainable gift that will be thoughtful and be friendly to the planet.

6 Upcycling Creatives Sustainable Christmas Gifts Buy Social Scotland

Gift Vouchers

Not sure what to offer and to avoid a mishap with your festive presents? Let the recipient of the gifts decide for themselves by offering them a gift voucher. Every January, landfills and charity shops see a big increase in packaging and unwanted presents so gift vouchers are a great gift option that let your loved-ones pick exactly what they want, browse the gift vouchers on our ethical directory for some great and sustainable ideas.

We hope this Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide has given you some inspiration to choose presents that minimise our impact on the environment while making a difference in local communities. Choose to Buy Social this festive season and make a difference, it's never been easier to do so!